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Bilt Hamber Auto-QD 500 ml

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Auto-QD is a highly concentrated quick detailing spray.


Auto-QD is a unique concentrated quick detailing spray. It is particularly suited to use over Auto-Balm, but it has a wide range of other uses…

It safely removes dust and grime without scratching.

Unique charged polymers suspend particulate matter to protect highly finished automotive paints from hologram scratching.

Between washing, Auto-QD acts as an effective “waterless wash” product, saving time and water and preventing cobweb scratching that can be imparted by non-charged products.

The high-shine protects and beautifies paintwork, inhibits UV degradation and oxidisation.

It also very effectively preserves previously applied last stage products (LSPs) such as waxes and sealers like Cleanser-Polish, Auto-Balm, Finis-Wax, Double Speed-Wax, Hydra-Wax and Micro-Fine.

Water-based and safe for all automotive paint finishes, Auto-QD quickly revives gloss and does not result in chemical build-up or dusty chalky residue.

Will effectively clean paintwork after compounding stages and does not mark or stain plastic trim, rubber or composites and will impart protection and sheen to them too. Great for vinyl finishes.

Can be diluted with water to provide extremely economical LSP preservation which is particularly suited to Auto-Balm and as a drying aid to prevent water-spotting of hard water.

Auto-QD can also be used as a lubricant for Auto-Clay to provide a gloss-enriched finish. Used in combination, the stunning finish is ready to go in one hit.

Quick guide:

  • Very concentrated – can be diluted to just 5% to water.
  • Available in both 500ml aluminium spray bottles and 5 litre jerry cans.
  • Effortless application and buffing.
  • Particularly suited to maintaining the finish of Auto-Balm.
  • Does not stain or mark plastic trim and will protect these surfaces.
  • One high quality plush microfibre cloth and 1ml pump spray head included.

The 500ml aluminium bottle is supplied with a 1ml pump spray head and one large microfibre cloth.


Adjust the strength of Auto-QD to suit the task at hand. Use neat for maximum gloss, protection and cleaning.

  • 1:20 = drying aid and no rinse wash.
  • 1:10 = clay lube, no rinse wash and low gloss QD.
  • 1:5 = mid gloss QD and wax application aid.
  • 1:2 = high gloss QD.
  • 1:1 = max gloss QD, waterless wash and plastic trim shine.

Fold the provided microfibre cloth into four, lightly atomise Auto-QD onto the surface to be treated and gently wipe the material across the surface. Use another dry microfibre cloth also folded into four to buff to a high shine – no need to wait for curing.


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