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Riwax® PX Car Refinishing

Professional surface finishing with PX car polishing and waxing line. When only the best is good enough for polishing

With Riwax’s new PX polish line, you can treat your car to a true detailing.  We’re talking about a lovely polish, one that blends into the car’s paint seamlessly; protection; and enduring beauty.  This goes beyond valeting or a quick polish.  It goes beyond using products that don’t treat the car with due respect.

For a gorgeous detail, turn to Riwax’s line of polish: the PX100, PX200, and PX300.  This new line was unveiled in Frankfurt Automechanika fair in 2012 and is only for discriminating car owners.

PX 100

This little wonder will throw a high gloss into any top coat, and is important for pulling out scratches.  It can be machine-applied, but feel free to do it manually.  

PX 200

This is where the glinting polish really comes in.  This machine-applicable compound does the job on smearing and holograms, while also furnishing that nice shine that oozes into your car’s paint, rather than standing atop it.

PX 300

This gentle giant gives you the buffing you need.  In addition to applying Riwax’s trademark deep shine, the 300 gives you long-term surface protection; naturally, it doesn’t leave marks or residues.

Yes, these three products work together to provide a full detail for your car.  PX100 does the work of three abrasive compounds (forte, medium and fine), while 200 shines and removes holograms at once, and 300 comes in and does the important finishing work.  Having such a small line saves you time and money.

How do we achieve such a deep shine?  It’s all in the type of wax.  PX300 contains carnauba wax which comes from a robust flake from the Brazilian Tree of Life.  In its natural state, carnauba protects the leaves of its tree from the harsh sun rays at the equator.  On your car, the wax that is produced by blending the hard carnauba with oils and distillates is just as breathable as the pure carnauba is on a leaf.  It blends into your car’s paint and just gets more lovely with changing light.

The PX line uses premium ingredients to create polishes that do more than their share of work.  This creates a full detailing for your automobile.

Application diagramm 

Step one. Sanding

    • Grain size: 1500 - 3000
    • The finer the sanding, the shorter the polishing time.

Step two. Polishing

    • Soft paint: 1,200 - 1,600 rounds per minute
    • Hard paint: 1,400 - 2,100 rounds per minute
    • Removes scratches of 1,500 – 3,000 grit size and spray marks
    • Used with Riwax® Wool Pad 11576-M or Riwax® Compounding Pad 11570-M
    • High gloss effect
    • Can be used on all new and hardened finishing paint
    • Dark colours can be given a final polish using Riwax® PX200 01421-1
    • Applied manually or by machine
    • Shake well before use

Step three. High Gloss

    • Steps: 1,000 - 2,100 rounds per minute
    • Permanently removes fine scratches, holograms and smearings
    • Used with Riwax® Buffing Pad 11571-M
    • Creates a deep shine
    • Suitable for removing minor car wash scratches (in one go during vehicle valeting).
    • Applied by machine
    • Shake well before use

Step four. High gloss / Sealing

    • Lasting surface protection
    • Used with Riwax® Polishing Pad 11572-M
    • No marks or residues on synthetic surfaces
    • Simple application for vehicle valeting
    • Applied manually or by machine
    • Shake well before use

Step five. Buffing

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