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Soft99 Glass Compound Z 100 ml

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Abrasive compound for cleaning car windows from greasy unwanted films and protective coatings.



Soft99 Glass Compound Z is a product for specialistic cleaning of car windows. It removes greasy, unwanted films, and protective coatings (e.g. hydrophobic fluorine resins). Glass Compound Z main ingredients are tiny, hard and soft abrasive particles that gradually penetrate greasy film layers or protective coatings, and removes them afterwards. Recommended to use especially before application of a new glass coating. A special application sponge is included in the package.


  • 1. Remove dust and dirt from the glass with water, and wipe off any water drops remaining on the surface.
  • 2. Shake the bottle well.
  • 3. Put the liquid on the gray side of the sponge and polish until the surface does not repel the liquid anymore.
  • 4. Cleanly wash off the glass surface.


Tootja Soft99
Toote art. nr. 05064
EAN 4975759050643
Kaal 0.1800
Mõõdud / Maht 100 ml
Päritolumaa Jaapan

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